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About Us

Our Mission

At Jaffee's Nutritionals, our mission is to help your dog live its healthiest and happiest life. We believe that our furry friends deserve the best, and that's why we created the finest organic bone broth for dogs.

The highest quality ingredients provide the healthiest nutrition choices, so we source our ingredients from independent farms that raise 100% organic free-range, farm-raised animals.

Our bone broth includes no fat, salt, or flavorings, and is the ONLY bone broth for dogs with fully edible bones in every pouch.


About Our Founder and Chief BrothTender, Elliott

Our founder, Elliott, has 15 years of experience as an integrative health practitioner (for  humans), and wanted to bring that same natural, holistic, and preventative approach into the canine space.

What started as a simple meal supplement to heal his rescue dog's skin turned into a mission to provide the highest quality nutritional support to dogs everywhere.

Elliott and his beloved dog, Jaffee, now travel coast-to-coast, educating others on canine wellness and donating to shelters, rescues, and non-profits to help increase the chance of other rescue dogs finding their furever homes.

Here at Jaffee's Bone Broth nutritionals, we believe that our bone broth is the perfect addition to every dog's diet. Try our small batch handcrafted  bone broth todady and give your dog the tasty nutrition they deserve!

Farm raised free range bone broth ingredients
Two ingredients and no additives to our bone broth
100% natural and organic bone broth
Small batch human grade bone broth for dogs

Our Origins:
The Story of Nellie

Before Jaffee, there was sweet Nellie.​ Nellie was about 7 years old when I found her at the shelter. She had already been there for a few months and likely had a low chance of getting adopted, due to her older age and the very poor condition of her skin and fur. ​Infection, flea dermatitis, and antibiotics had ravaged her skin and left her missing significant fur around her back and tail.​ I could see how sweet and beautiful she was, and with my integrative health background I knew I could restore her health, inside and out.​ Every system of the body is affected by gut health, especially the skin, so we started there. A proper diet and a few gut support strategies—spearheaded by bone broth—did the trick.​ Her 6-month progress is shown on the inset to the right.

Ever since then, bone broth has been a staple in every dietary recommendation we make. It's typically known for helping joints, but the benefits extend far beyond just that. It helped bring my Nellie back to a vibrant life, and I wanted to share that small miracle with the rest of the pup-ulation.

nellie 3.jpg
A dog's skin issues before Jaffee's Nutritionals bone broth

Nellie, Month 1

A dog's skin issues healed with Jaffee's Nutritionals bone broth

Nellie, Month 6

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